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Parent Teacher Association

The General PTO Meetings are scheduled for four times in the school year, two meetings in the fall and two meetings in the spring as deemed by the members at 6:00 to 7:30 pm in the hall school ground. They are listed on the monthly school calendars sent home at the beginning of each month.


The Parent Teacher Organization is supportive in nature and adheres with the mission statement of the school. Fundraisers and school projects are the primary work of the board. We understand that the main functions of the board are to promote parental support for the school program and to increase mutual understanding between school and parents and to raise funds for the school’s current educational and operational expenses.

The board meets once a month throughout the school year. All are welcome.

PTO Board

Mrs. Eva Cervantes

Mrs. Janet Mackey
Vice President

Mrs. Carmen Solis

Mr. Nelson Santos/Mrs. Gladys Hampton

A Teacher attends meeting on rotation basis. Teachers attend on a designated month of their choice.              

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