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Family support activities encourage and promote student effort. The School-family-community partnerships comprise the full range of shared responsibility for children’s growth and learning.

If student effort is to be sufficient to reach ambitious learning goals, St. Frances X. Cabrini needs allies in supporting student effort. Parents, employers, and other community leaders are potentially important allies.

St. Frances X. Cabrini is a school committed to faith and excellence. Academic achievement, character development, commitment to safety, and a sense of belonging and community are clearly high priorities.

With this year’s inflation where our families are greatly affected, we need businesses like yours to become one of our donors in order for us to think about strengthening our traditional standards of academic excellence, community service, and social responsibility. The tuition our families pay is significantly less than the actual cost of education, so the school’s development efforts are directed towards making up the budgetary shortfall and keeping tuition affordable for families of Los Angeles.

Our tradition of excellence and responsibility is ours to improve upon or to let fade away. It is through past and continuing efforts of people like you that we can meet the expectations of future students. They, too, will want to experience the basic qualities of St. Frances X. Cabrini School: a sense of honor and decency, a pride in academic proficiency, a feeling of joy and pleasure in both work and play, a love of growing and learning together, and the acceptance by our community. These qualities, although partially intangible, can be realized only in a climate of financial security. 55% of our student population is of African-American descent and 45% is of Hispanic heritage. To serve the community, we offer reduced tuition to needy family. The need is great, and it is real. Better education makes better citizens, and better citizens make a better country in which to live.

Our strength has been the ability to attract faculty of the highest competence. This we must continue if we are to keep St. Frances X. Cabrini School what it is today; but the cost will be greater tomorrow. We have fought the financial crisis by delaying faculty-salary increases, reducing service personnel, and prioritizing needed maintenance. These can be only temporary solutions. We gratefully accept donatins by check as well as gifts in kind.

We are extremely grateful to our existing donors, The Vision of Hope, The Catholic Education Foundation, The Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation, The Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose Foundation, Green foundation, May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust, William H. Hannon Foundtation, Holstein Memorail Scholarship, Jim and Shea, Cambridge Uniforms, Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Smith III, and Maria Pia Backus Education Fund, who, because of their generosity, made it possible for our school to continue our mission to serve the community.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." -Matthew 6:21

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This is a free service. We will provide you with the necessary tax documents upon request.

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