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Why St. Frances X. Cabrini is a wonderful cause to give to:

St. Frances X. Cabrini has strong qualities that are very much realized through our school although partially intangible: a sense of honor and decency notwithstanding poverty, a pride in academic proficiency, a love of growing and learning together, and the acceptance of diversity in our community. Spend some time with us and you will understand that we’re beating the odds in this place and time.

Our most critical need at this time is tuition assistance for our struggling families.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our school fund.

For additional information, please contact Maggie Byrne, Development Director, Email: stfrancesxcdevelopment@gmail.com.

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St. Frances X. Cabrini Catholic School

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You can make a donation through the website using PayPal » You may also pay with a credit card for one-time donations.

This is a free service. We will provide you with the necessary tax documents upon request.

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You can also mail us a check to:

St. Frances X. Cabrini School
c/o Carmen A.O. Hart, Principal
1428 W. Imperial Hwy
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St. Frances X. Cabrini
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